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Elite Care Clinics – Dr. Ahmed Elnabil Clinic

Elite Care Clinics is one of the first specialized clinics in Egypt that provides integrated services in one place and with international hydration standards. The first clinic specialized in obesity surgeries in its modern concept was established by Dr. Ahmed El-Nabil in 2010 after returning from abroad after completing his training in hospitals in Italy and England in the field of surgeries Obesity and advanced endoscopy. The goal was to provide the same quality of European medical service on Egyptian soil to serve the Middle East with the same standards, but without the hassle of traveling abroad. The name was chosen to reflect our mission and vision in dealing with all patients who frequent the clinics. After achieving success in the obesity clinic by providing its integrated services from weight-loss operations, body coordination and nutrition, and increasing confidence with our patients and in response to their requests, the clinics were expanded and continuously developed To keep pace with the continuous changes in the field of medicine and technology. Currently, our services include weight loss operations, body contouring, plastic surgery and laser, varicose veins, dentistry, endoscopic operations, breast operations and tumors. All services are provided with unified standards by consultants and faculty members in Egyptian universities with Taking into account the application of the latest medical recommendations and the use of the best equipment, while adhering to infection control and sterilization standards.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the first choice in the field of medical care for everyone looking for distinction and quality in Egypt and the Middle East. And be the main interface for medical tourism from all over the world.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a distinguished, high-quality medical service in accordance with modern medical guidelines, integrated and at competitive prices for the private medical sector.

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