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Elite Care Clinics is one of the first specialized clinics in Egypt that provides integrated services in one place and with international hydration standards. The first clinic specialized in obesity surgeries in its modern concept was established by Dr. Ahmed El-Nabil in 2010 after returning from abroad after completing his training in hospitals in Italy and England in the field of surgeries Obesity and advanced endoscopy.

Elite Care Your beauty and health in one place


Weight Loss Surgery
Cosmetics & Body Contouring
Dental Clinics
Oesophageal & Keyhole Surgery
Women Surgery Clinic
Varicose Veins Clinic

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BMI Categories


less than 18.5

Normal weight

From 18.5 To 24.99


From 25 To 29.99

Obesity Class 1

From 30 To 34.99

Obesity Class 2

From 35 To 39.99

Obesity Class 3

From 40 To 49.99

Extreme Obesity

From 50 To 59.99

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