Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic teeth whitening is one of the cosmetic procedures that many people flock to for an attractive smile with snow-white teeth, and this is because all traditional methods of teeth whitening are temporary solutions and do not bear fruit with an effective permanent result. if you want to get white teeth and a charming smile, elite care clinics offer the best cosmetic and teeth whitening services.

Cosmetic teeth whitening:

Cosmetic teeth whitening aims to restore the natural color of the teeth after removing the resulting pigmentation that led to yellowing of the teeth, and one of the most prominent factors that lead to yellowing of the teeth:

  1. Drinking tea and coffee abundantly.
  2. Neglect of daily brushing of teeth.
  3. Smoking.
  4. Genetic causes.
  5. Eating unhealthy food.

The bleaching process is carried out in one or several sessions depending on the patient’s condition and the doctor’s vision, after the sessions the patient gets an excellent result of white healthy teeth and a charming attractive smile.

Elite care dental cosmetic clinics services:

Cosmetic dentistry clinic as one of the elite care clinics offers a range of Integrated Services, which include:

  1. calculus removal.
  2. Bleaching (whitening).
  3. Polishing teeth polishing.
  4. Cosmetic fillings Conservative dentistry.
  5. Periodontics’ treatments. 

calculus removal:

Tartar is a hard deposit that accumulates on the surface of the teeth, the accumulation of food residues on the surface of the teeth causes the formation of plaque, which is easy to remove with a brush and dental floss, but with the accumulation of plaque, tartar is formed, which causes:

  1. Unpleasant smell in the mouth.
  2. Sensitivity of teeth.
  3. Periodontal disease
  4. Caries in some cases.

Removing tartar requires going to the dental clinic, as not all traditional methods work; it requires some precise tools.

At Elite Care, we rely on using the best tools such as

  1. an ultrasound device.
  2. A metal scaler for scraping tartar.
  3. Laser irradiation in cases of severe accumulation.

Finally, the roots of the teeth are smoothed and the gums are treated, and we also advise that tartar should be removed at least every 6 months.

Bleaching (whitening):

We work on teeth whitening by providing a range of the latest technologies to reach the patient to the ideal whiteness that suits his skin color. 

Types of teeth whitening:

  1. Chemical bleaching.
  2. Bleaching with laser devices.
  3. Bleaching with Zoom technology.

The doctor determines the appropriate type for each patient depending on the sensitivity of the teeth and gums, the duration of the session is most often up to 45 minutes, and bleaching may cause some swelling and inflammation that quickly goes away within two days.

 Polishing teeth:

Teeth polishing is different from teeth whitening, as bleaching aims to change the color of the teeth, while polishing aims to clean the teeth and remove external pigments from them.

Teeth polishing at Elite Care is carried out according to the following steps:

  1. Check the teeth thoroughly to make sure there are no caries and check the enamel well.
  2. Scrape plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth.
  3. Removal of stains and external pigments for polishing teeth.
  4. Cover the teeth with a protective layer of fluoride to preserve them.

Cosmetic fillings Conservative dentistry:

Installation of cosmetic fillers is required for:

  1. Treatment of interdental spaces.
  2. Fill the void after removing the caries.
  3. Treatment of tooth fractures.

The installation of silver or platinum fillings is no longer liked because of their unpleasant appearance, cosmetic fillings made of good materials such as Composite, and porcelain give a natural appearance to the teeth.

  1. The filler is placed depending on the size of the blank.
  2. The filler is processed by laser irradiation.
  3. Phototherapy stabilizes and processes its color.

At elite care clinics, we rely on the best materials for cosmetic fillers, the efficiency of which extends up to 10 years.

Periodontics’ treatments:

There are many forms of gum treatment depending on the patient’s condition, including:

  1. Mowing.
  2. Patchwork.
  3. Removal of cysts.
  4. Removal of tumors.
  5. Cosmetic gums restore pink color.

Whatever you need and what you are suffering from, you can now receive the latest dental advances in the treatment of gum disease at Elite Care Clinic using a hydrolaser to treat gums in one session without pain or bleeding.


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