Breast augmentation

Are you thinking about undergoing breast plastic surgery? There is no doubt that a woman’s breasts are one of the components of her beauty, which is why some women resort to breast plastic surgery to get rid of the problem they suffer from.

What are the types of breast plastic surgery? How does a woman prepare for each of these types? What about the best breast plastic surgery clinics in Egypt? This is what we will discuss below.

Types of breast plastic surgery:

There are many types of breast plastic surgery, each of which solves a specific problem:

  1. Breast enlargement surgery.
  2. Breast lift and tightening procedure.
  3. Breast reduction surgery.

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Breast augmentation surgery:

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the cosmetic procedures that women resort to to overcome the problem of small breast size. There are two options for performing this type of breast cosmetic surgery:

  1. Surgical breast enlargement using silicone.
  2. Augmentation by taking fat from the body and injecting it into the breast.

Which people are suitable for breast augmentation surgery?

This procedure is suitable for those who suffer from very small breast size, especially after:

  1. Significant weight loss.
  2. Breastfeeding.
  3. Pregnancy.

Suitable for women 

  1. who want to rebalance their breasts against their body.
  2. Who suffers from a difference in size between the breasts.
  3. Who suffers from incomplete breast development naturally.

How to enlarge breasts:

It is one of the breast augmentation procedures that is performed by:

  1. General anesthesia for the patient.
  2. The doctor opened 3 incisions in 3 areas in the chest area:
  • Underarm.
  • Under the breast.
  • Around my nipples.
  1. The doctor opens a small pocket between the breast and the chest muscles.
  2. The doctor inserts the chosen substance to increase breast size.
  3. The doctor closes the wound and follow-up continues until complete healing.

Laser breast lift operations:

Many women resort to breast lift surgery to overcome:

  1. Breast sagging as a result of breastfeeding.
  2. Nipples droop down.

This may be due to a lack of collagen in the body, hence the idea of ​​laser breast lift and lift.

How to tighten breasts with laser:

Laser breast lift is one of the completely safe operations that achieves excellent results by:

  1. Anesthetize the patient locally.
  2. Inserting laser beams into the breast through a small incision.
  3. Radiation is inserted under the skin to stimulate collagen and cause tissue coagulation.

After the operation, the patient will feel:

  1. High breast level.
  2. Tight and supple skin.
  3. Lighter breast color.
  4. Getting rid of fatty deposits.

How long does a laser breast lift procedure take?

It is a non-surgical procedure that takes about two hours.

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Breast lift with threads:

Women resort to breast lifts with threads to overcome sagging breast skin. The procedure is performed by:

  1. Inserting a specific type of thread into a specific area of ​​the chest.
  2. The doctor begins inserting threads through a small needle.
  3. The doctor begins to lift the breast up using these threads.
  4. After a while, the body absorbs these threads made of Polydioxanone.

How long does a thread breast lift procedure take?

The procedure takes one to two hours depending on the size of the breast and the extent of sagging.

Breast reduction surgery:

Some women may suffer from large breasts in a way that affects their lives and causes many problems, such as:

  1. Back arch.
  2. Neck pain.
  3. Breathing problems.
  4. Difficulty finding suitable-sized bras.

How to reduce breasts:

Breast reduction surgery is performed by:

  1. Making a surgical incision in the breast.
  2. Excess fat suction.
  3. The incision is made around the areola and lower breast area.

How do women prepare for breast plastic surgery?

  1. Quit smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.
  2. Adhere to the doctor’s instructions regarding eating before the operation.
  3. Conducting the necessary analyses and examinations.
  4. Tell the doctor about your family medical history.

The best breast plastic surgery clinics in Egypt:

Breast beautification is one of the important specialties that requires reliance on an experienced and competent doctor, in addition to having a center that provides the necessary health care to avoid any complications.

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