Rhinoplasty and facelift

Rhinoplasty operations are resorted to for various reasons, including what is cosmetic, and what is Medical, if you are one of those wishing to undergo rhinoplasty surgery, here’s everything you should know about that surgery.

Reasons for undergoing rhinoplasty, types of rhinoplasty Stages of rhinoplasty, is it possible to do rhinoplasty without surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery:

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to change the shape of the nose either by miniaturization or changing the proportions to fix congenital malformations or correct some defects that lead to difficulty breathing.

Reasons for undergoing plastic surgery:

  1. Treatment of a broken nose.
  2. Fix the warp of the nose structure.
  3. The desire to narrow the nostril.
  4. A desire to change shape.

Types of rhinoplasty operations:

  1. Nose augmentation surgery.
  2. Minimally invasive surgery.
  3. Surgery to repair fractures or deformities caused by an accident.

Stages of cosmetic operations for the nose:

The stages of rhinoplasty operations are divided into 3 basic stages:


Namely, the preparatory stage:

  1. Discuss the feasibility and appropriateness of undergoing the operation or not with the doctor.
  2. Conduct the necessary examinations and analyses.
  3. Quit smoking or taking alcoholic substances.

During the operation:

  1. The patient is under local facial anesthesia.
  2. Open an incision in the nose to expose the bones and cartilage of the nose.
  3. Perform the required surgery, whether it is reduction, augmentation, or others.
  4. Rhinoplasty takes one to two hours at most.


  1. The doctor puts a brace to stabilize the shape of the nose for up to a whole week.
  2. The patient should lie on the back as long as possible.
  3. A patient’s stay in the hospital is only required for a maximum of two days to monitor complications.
  4. The patient is expected to feel a headache and swelling in the nose area for a while after the operation and take some painkillers to reduce pain.
  5. It is possible to make compresses for nasal swellings to reduce them.
  6. Rhinoplasty pains last for 8 weeks.

How long does it take to recover from plastic surgery on the nose

Recovery from the wound itself may take a week, but the patient can resume his work and life tasks only four days after surgery, adhering to the doctor’s instructions about:

  1. Keep the medical patch on the nose.
  2. Lack of exposure to the sun.
  3. Take medications on time.
  4. See a doctor when you notice any abnormal symptoms.

Rhinoplasty without surgery:

The operation is considered one of the most important facial plastic surgeries and may be performed without surgery by:

  1. Rhinoplasty by means of a suture technique.
  2. Reduction of the nose with fillers.
  3. Laser rhinoplasty.
  4. Plasma technology or plasma energy to change the shape of the nose.
  5. Nose-shaped orthodontic devices that resemble orthodontic devices in their idea.

The Best Rhinoplasty Center in Egypt:

Rhinoplasty is performed to improve the appearance of the nose and although it is a common surgery, it is one of the delicate operations that must be performed in:

  1. An accredited medical institution.
  2. At the hands of a surgeon who is recognized for competence and experience.

At elite care clinics under the leadership of Dr. Ahmed El Nabil, you are on an appointment with rhinoplasty surgery performed by the best cosmetologist in Egypt.

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