Treatment of gallstones

Although the occurrence of gallstones as a complication of gastric sleeve surgery is a low probability, it is possible, and in that case, it is necessary to treat those stones after noticing the signs that indicate the formation of stones already.

How is the process of treating gallstones after diversion What about the causes of stone formation and Symptoms of it How to be treated in elite care clinics?

Treatment of gallstones after diversion 

Before talking about the treatment of gallstones after gastric bypass, we should first get acquainted with the importance of the presence of the gallbladder in the human body and the causes of the formation of stones.


The liver secretes bile that helps digest the fats that a person eats, and the gallbladder is a small vesicle under the liver whose function is to store that juice.

Causes of gallstone formation 

An imbalance occurs between the concentration of bile acids and the concentration of cholesterol.

The higher the cholesterol, the higher the sedimentation rate and, accordingly, the stones form.

The presence of any hormonal imbalance thanks to an unbalanced diet.

Blood diseases cause an increased concentration of bilirubin in the bile and, consequently, the formation of stones.

What are the symptoms of gallstone formation?

  1. Constant vomiting.
  2. Upper abdominal pain.
  3. The pain reaches the back area.
  4. Feeling nauseous.
  5. Continuous gases.
  6. Indigestion.

There are some signs by which the doctor notices that there is a possibility of the formation of stones from them:

  1. Change in skin color.
  2. The patient’s temperature rises.
  3. The color of the urine has changed to a very yellowish-orange hue.

Treatment of gallstones after bariatric surgeries:

The question that many people ask is, Do You See, Is there a relationship between stone formation and bariatric surgery in general In fact there is a relationship:

  1. Rapid weight gain or loss may lead to the formation of gallstones.
  2. This is due to an imbalance between cholesterol and bile acids.
  3. Imbalance serves to crystallize stones.
  4. This means that fluctuating weight, whether by rapid increase or rapid decrease, leads to the formation of stones, regardless of how they increase or decrease, whether it is due to sleeve surgery, diversion, taking slimming drugs, or any other way.

What is the treatment of gallstones in elite care

  1. The optimal treatment is usually surgery.
  2. Cholecystectomy is performed after the patient is primed.
  3. Cholecystectomy does not affect the patient in any way, many live without a gallbladder and enjoy very good health, as bile flows directly from the liver to the duodenum.

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