Orthodontics is one of the specialties that characterize the Elite Care Dental Clinic, during which doctors were able to achieve amazing results with many patients, although it is one of the methods of treatment that requires a lot of time, its result is worth the suffering.

Advantages of orthodontics:

Orthodontics treats deformities of the teeth and jaws, achieving many advantages such as:

  1. Getting rid of dental voids.
  2. Treatment of deformation and warp.
  3. Correct the exits of letters and pronunciation correctly.
  4. Getting rid of the problem of protrusion of the jaws.
  5. Protection of teeth from infection with many diseases.

Elite care clinics offer many types of Orthodontics, the appropriate type of Orthodontics is determined by agreement with the patient.

Types of orthodontics:

Dental braises (Wire orthodontics):

Metal braces: this type is the most widespread type because it is less expensive and is often the fastest effective.

Ceramic braces: it is one of the most aesthetic types because it is made of a ceramic material the same color as the teeth.

Transparent orthodontics :

It is a transparent mold specially made for the patient, and it is changed every period so that the patient needs from 18 to 30 molds during the entire orthodontic journey to get even teeth.

Internal orthodontics:

It is a favorite type for many because it is hidden and installed inside the teeth, but it is one of the expensive types that does not suit all cases.

Stages of orthodontics:

  1. Photograph the teeth to build the appropriate orthodontic model for them.
  2. The doctor draws up the appropriate treatment plan to bring about the desired change in the jaw and teeth.
  3. The doctor determines which type of dental bridge he considers appropriate for the case.
  4. The doctor connects the bridge of loops to guide the jaw.

The orthodontic is changed every period during the treatment journey until the desired result is reached by the patient and the doctor.

Duration of orthodontics:

The duration of orthodontics varies depending on the existing warp for each case and the duration is determined based on:

  1. The patient’s age.
  2. The sharpness of the warp.
  3. The condition of the jaw, teeth, and gums.
  4. The patient’s compliance with the instructions.

The duration of the orthodontics usually ranges from one to 3 years depending on the case.

You can get rid of the unsatisfactory appearance of your teeth now at elite care clinics to install the right braces for you, we provide you with all means of care and continuous follow-up to reach a satisfactory result for you and us.


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