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In light of the increasing number of breast tumors and anal diseases in women; At Elite Care Clinics, we have allocated a special section that we call the Women’s Breast and Anal Clinic. This section helps every woman suffering from anal diseases and breast tumors to fully recover by providing all means of treatment.

Women’s Breast and Anal Clinic:

The Women’s Breast and Anal Clinic opens its doors to help every woman receive the necessary care to treat:

  1. Anal diseases.
  2. Cosmetic breast tumors.

Plastic breast tumor surgery:

Breast cancer rates are increasing day after day for many reasons, and this in turn makes the need for breast surgeries and tumors also increase. But is the only solution to getting rid of breast tumors to remove them?

The best solution to get rid of breast tumors is usually a lumpectomy.

There is no doubt that mastectomy causes severe deformity of the breast.

Here comes the role of cosmetic breast tumor surgery to remove the tumor, and reconstruct and rebuild the breast.

Advantages of undergoing cosmetic breast surgery:

  1. A good opportunity for women to regain their natural breast shape, especially after removing a large tumor.
  2. Properly removing the entire tumor and controlling it so that it does not grow again.
  3. Repair and compensate for tissue loss during surgery.
  4. Clean the edges around the tumor area perfectly.
  5. Restoring the shape and position of the nipple to return to its natural appearance.

This type of plastic surgery at Elite Care achieves excellent results. We can also perform any plastic surgery on the breast from which the tumor was removed, whether it is breast enlargement or reduction.

Anal diseases:

Our services in the women’s and anal clinics at Elite Care also include; Treating all diseases related to the anal area, where we provide the service:

Diagnosis and treatment of fistula:

Fistula symptoms include:

  1. Secretion of a turbid liquid.
  2. Constant pain
  3. redness
  4. swelling.
  5. blood.
  6. pus.

When you notice these symptoms, you should immediately go to the Women’s Breast and Anal Clinic to take the necessary measures according to the doctor’s vision, as our clinic provides various treatment methods such as:

Surgical removal of the fistula tract.

Fistula closure.

Diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids are veins in the anus and lower rectum, of which there are 4 basic types:

  1. External hemorrhoids.
  2. Internal hemorrhoids.
  3. Prolapsed hemorrhoids.
  4. Thrombosed hemorrhoids.

If a person suffers from hemorrhoids, he will experience several different symptoms, including:

  1. Bleeding.
  2. Itching.
  3. The feeling of pain.
  4. Hemorrhoids protrude outside the anus.
  5. Swelling in the anal area.

When you notice such symptoms, you should go to the Women’s Breast and Anal Clinic to receive the necessary care, such as:

  1. Perform a colonoscopy.
  2. Surgical resection or shortening.
  3. Drug therapy. Thrombolytic therapy.
  4. Rubber band therapy.

Postpartum anal diseases:

Many women suffer from anal diseases, especially after childbirth. The most common of these diseases are:

  1. Hemorrhoids.
  2. Constipation.

By neglecting and not receiving the necessary care, the matter may lead to greater complications, such as:

  1. Rectal prolapse.
  2. incontinence
  3. Fecal incontinence
  4. Bleeding.

Treatment methods vary depending on the condition the woman suffers from, but at Elite Care Clinics you are provided with the latest technologies necessary to treat all anal diseases.

Anal itching:

Anal itching is one of the anal diseases in which the patient feels the following:

  1. redness.
  2. irritation.
  3. Skin peeling.

The causes of anal itching vary between:

  1. Not cleaning the area well.
  2. Colon and rectal disorders.
  3. Infections.

As for the treatment images, they are:

  1. Treatment with topical medications.
  2. Injection therapy.
  3. Treatment with oral medications.

Anal abscess:

The accumulation of pus in the anal area results in the appearance of anal abscess, the symptoms of which are often:

  1. swelling.
  2. Redness in the area.
  3. fever.

Treatment usually consists of surgical drainage so that the abscess does not cause any other complications, such as spreading the infection to other places in the body.

At Elite Care Clinics, you are treated to the highest level of service and medical care based on a group of the best doctors specializing in cosmetic breast tumor surgery and anal diseases.


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