Treatment of achalasia & esophageal

Treatment of achalasia and esophageal stricture, if you have difficulty swallowing or pain accompanied by acidity, you may be one of the sufferers of achalasia and esophageal stricture, treatment requires referring to a specialist doctor to determine the optimal treatment method depending on your case.

Elite care clinics include a selection of the best doctors to treat achalasia and esophageal stricture with the latest and most effective methods

Treatment of achalasia and esophageal stricture Achalasia:

Before talking about the best treatment for achalasia and esophageal stricture, we should first identify the disease of achalasia or, as some call it achalasia.

What is achalasia

It is a neurological disorder that leads to weakness in the motor muscles of the esophagus that makes it difficult to push food down, and although there is no specific cause for the occurrence of Achalasia, it is likely to be a viral infection.

Symptoms of acalculous:

The main symptom of achalasia and esophageal stricture is a feeling of difficulty swallowing and may be accompanied by some other symptoms such as:

  1. Vomiting.
  2. Heartburn of the stomach.
  3. The acidity of the stomach.
  4. The unpleasant smell of mouth.
  5. Weight loss.

Diagnosis of acalculia:

Before looking for a treatment for achalasia and esophageal stricture, the patient must be accurately diagnosed with this disease at the beginning, and the diagnosis is made based on:

  1. Barium Rays.
  2. Measure muscle pressure with a manometer.
  3. A gastroscope to make sure there are no tumors.

Methods of treatment of academia and esophageal stricture:

At elite care clinics, we follow several treatment methods depending on the patient’s condition, such as:

  1. Treatment with drugs such as nitrates to facilitate the swallowing process.
  2. Balloon dilation by gastroscopy tightens the muscles to improve swallowing.
  3. Botox injections for muscle tightening, but they need to be repeated because, after a period of up to a year, the effect of Botox may disappear.
  4. Surgery by incision of the contracted muscle.

The best treatment center for academia:

At elite care clinics, under the leadership of Dr. Ahmed Al-Nabil, the patient is followed up after receiving treatment for achalasia and esophageal stricture appropriate to his condition, and the treatment process is based on the latest endoscopic devices and the best modern technologies.

With elite care, you are on a date with:

  1. Excellent medical care.
  2. Follow up around the clock.
  3. The experience of specialized Masters to choose the optimal treatment method.
  4. Excellent prices for the level of service provided.


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