Root canal treatment

Root filling and treatment is one of the effective solutions for the treatment of dental caries, which aims to clean the roots and the nerve definitively, not cleaning the roots well leads to more pain and that’s why you have to take care of choosing the optimal place for nerve treatment and filling, Elite Care Dental Clinic is one of the best root treatment clinics in Egypt With the utmost safety and accuracy in accordance with international medical standards.

Root treatment:

The treatment of radiculitis is aimed at trying to preserve the tooth or molar, the injury of which has reached the nerve, the treatment is carried out by

  1. Cleaning the roots and canals of teeth.
  2. Removal of living tissue inside them.
  3. Evacuation of the tooth from the inside.
  4. Fill the void with cosmetic fillings to close the root canal.

Root treatment is not limited to a particular segment, everyone is prone to decay and root injury, and therefore elite care clinics provide their services to treat the roots of both:

  1. Deciduous teeth.
  2. Permanent teeth.

Treatment of milk teeth decisive teeth:

Many people think that milk teeth do not need intensive care because they are expected to be replaced by permanent ones, but this belief is completely wrong if your child has:

  1. Caries.
  2. Toothache.
  3. Pigmentation.

Or other symptoms, you should immediately go to the dental clinic for the doctor to take the optimal procedure for the treatment of deciduous teeth, whether by:

  1. Stuffing.
  2. Cleaning.
  3. Fluoride enhancement Sessions.
  4. Dislocation if the doctor sees it.

You can also benefit from the services of Elite Care Dental Clinic for the treatment of milk teeth using the latest technologies.

Permanent teeth treatment:

Root treatment of permanent teeth is usually by nerve filling; it is the procedure performed by the dentist to replace the damaged nerve and fill it with the appropriate material to end the pain, once the nerve is removed, the patient does not feel disturbed when eating hot or iced foods.

The patient needs to treat the nerve as soon as he feels a set of symptoms:

  1. Swelling of the gums around the tooth.
  2. Erosion of the bone around the root of the tooth.
  3. Deep caries of teeth.
  4. Damage to the dental pulp, even if the tooth is outwardly intact.

Radical treatment at elite care clinics:

Nerve filling and treatment in elite care clinics are carried out in three main steps

Root canal cleaning:

  1. Anesthetize the patient locally.
  2. Clean everything that is inside the tooth through a small hole.
  3. Small files are used to clean any caries and remove the nerve.

Nerve filling:

  1. The doctor disinfects the tooth cavity.
  2. Fill the void with a rubber-like material using an adhesive to seal all channels.
  3. As soon as the nerve is removed, the patient loses the feeling of pain in this tooth.

Installation of the tooth crown:

  1. The doctor installs a paneling or crown for the tooth to strengthen it and protect it from fracture.

Does nerve filling hurt

The nerve is stuffed under the influence of the local anesthetic, as for the stages of pain, the:

  1. Before pulling the nerve the patient feels some pain.
  2. During the nerve pull the patient does not feel pain due to the action of the local anesthetic.
  3. For some fillers, the patient may feel some pain due to the termination of the effect of the local anesthetic.

Nerve filling, how many sessions

The filling and treatment of the nerve needs approximately 3 sessions.

The best doctor for Root treatment in Egypt:

Elite care clinics include a group of the best doctors in various specialties, especially the specialty of Dentistry, at elite care you are on an appointment with:

  1. Excellent service.
  2. The best materials for filling teeth.
  3. The latest and most accurate cleaning tools.
  4. Quality, credibility, experience, and efficiency.

Enjoy with elite care the best root treatment service for the treatment of milk and permanent teeth, relying on a group of the best dentists in Egypt.


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