Laparoscopic hernia repair

Laparoscopic hernia operations have become the ideal solution for treating inguinal hernias, thanks to the many advantages that make their complications much less than those of traditional surgery.

Many questions about the reasons for performing laparoscopic hernia operations. What about the different types of hypocrisy? How long does the laparoscopic hernia operation take? What is the rest period after hernia surgery? We learn all of her answers between these lines.

Reasons for performing laparoscopic hernia operations:

Before talking about laparoscopic hernia operations, we would first like to learn about the nature and types of hernias. Hernias are simply a condition in which a specific organ in the body protrudes due to weak tissues or muscles.

Causes of hernia:

  1. Congenital causes.
  2. Muscle weakness due to aging.
  3. Doing violent sports.
  4. Carrying heavy objects.
  5. Pregnancy.
  6. Chronic constipation.
  7. Severe cough.

Types of hernia:

  1. Inguinal hernia.
  2. Hiatal hernia.
  3. Umbilical hernia.

What are the reasons for performing a hernia operation?

Patients usually resort to laparoscopic hernia surgery or surgery when:

  1. The patient suffers from a bilateral hernia.
  2. Previous failed hernia repair surgery.
  3. The patient suffers from hernia symptoms.

Some people may prefer to wait and not undergo any surgery as long as it does not cause pain, but waiting for the patient will increase the severity of the hernia over time, and eventually be forced to undergo surgery to repair the hernia.

Advantages of laparoscopic hernia surgery:

  1. The operation is performed through 3 small incisions, resulting in fewer wounds and scars that heal quickly.
  2. The patient does not feel severe pain as it is performed under anesthesia, and after the operation, the scars heal quickly.
  3. The patient recovers within a few days compared to the recovery period after a traditional surgical operation.
  4. The process does not take long, only one to two hours.
  5. The patient is not exposed to the possibility of serious complications as in the traditional operation.

How is laparoscopic hernia repair performed?

Laparoscopic hernia operations are performed as follows:

First, prepare for the operation:

Conducting the necessary tests and analyses.

Refrain from eating and drinking 8 hours before the operation.

Notifying the doctor of the family’s medical history.

Secondly, during the operation:

Minor surgery consisting of 3 small incisions to insert the laparoscope into the abdomen.

The doctor uses carbon dioxide to inflate the patient’s abdomen so that he can perform the procedure.

The doctor pushes the protruding tissue back into the intestine.

The doctor makes sure that there is no bilateral hernia, and if there is one, he begins to repair it.

The doctor removes the hernia sac and installs mesh in the weak area to prevent the recurrence of the hernia.

Close the inguinal ring with sutures if an indirect hernia occurs.

The doctor closes the wound with surgical sutures.

Third, after the operation:

The patient remains under observation for two hours after laparoscopic hernia operations.

The patient takes some fluids to ensure he is able to urinate.

The patient can return to his normal life after a week at most of the operation.

How long does the laparoscopic hernia operation take?

Laparoscopic operations take one to two hours depending on the type of hernia.

Duration of rest after hernia surgery:

The rest period after hernia operations is up to a week, after which the patient can return to his normal life.

The price of inguinal hernia surgery in Egypt:

The price of the operation varies from one doctor to another. This is because determining the price of laparoscopic hernia operations depends on:

  1. Doctor’s experience.
  2. The nature and type of hernia.
  3. Patient’s health condition.
  4. The technique used in this surgery.

Hernia surgery experiences at Elite Care:

Elite Care Center is keen to provide the highest quality care to its patients in various medical specialties, and the center enjoys the trust of many patients thanks to:

  1. Medical personnel with extensive experience in laparoscopic hernia operations.
  2. Modern techniques are used by doctors to repair hernias of various types.
  3. The level of medical care that ensures the best service for the best price.

You can learn more about patients’ experiences with laparoscopic hernia operations and various other types of operations, and then you can simply contact us to perform laparoscopic hernia surgery with the utmost safety.


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