?What operations are available to lose weight

Bariatric surgery is one of the modern surgical specialties that is separate from general surgery and plastic surgery and includes two groups of operations: Weight loss operations by reducing the stomach in different ways and body coordination operations.
Weight loss operations are the ideal and effective treatment for obese people who have failed to lose weight with adequate non-surgical treatment and maintain it for long years, and people who suffer from morbid obesity, which led to the emergence of other diseases such as pressure, diabetes, joint stiffness and GERD. Difficulty breathing, snoring during sleep, infertility, sexual weakness, arteriosclerosis, in addition to social isolation.
Bariatric surgery is now considered one of the effective ways to treat many diseases resulting from obesity, as recent scientific studies have proven the success of obesity operations in curing 90% of patients from diabetes, 72% from GERD, 95% from deep vein thrombosis, 70% of high Blood pressure, 90% of fat accumulation on the liver, 98% of suffocation during sleep, 50% of depression, 57% of migraines, 79% of infertility and polycystic ovaries, 100% of women’s menstrual irregularities, 72% of gout disease , 41% of joint wear and improved quality of life by 95%.