Sassi Surgery

Have you ever heard of Operation Sassi The world of bariatric surgery is constantly evolving, so after curettage and diversion, Sassi’s operation combined the advantages of both operations.

What is the Sassi operation What are the stages of the process What are the main advantages of the Sassi weight loss operation  Who is the best doctor to perform the Sassi operation This is what the elite care team will tell you about between those lines.

Operation Sassi:

Sassi surgery is one of the latest types of bariatric surgery that works to lose weight, characterized by combining the advantages of gastric sleeve and bypass operations:

Help to treat many obesity risks such as:

  1. High cholesterol.
  2. High blood pressure.
  3. Diabetes mellitus.

The effectiveness of the process comes through:

  1. Reduce the volume of the stomach.
  2. Reduce the absorption of food by the digestive tract.

The elite care Center also offers a discount of up to 20% on the Sassi operation

Stages of the Sassi slimming process:

The Sassi process takes place in two main stages:

Quantization stage:

  1. The size of the stomach is reduced by cutting almost 80% of its volume.
  2. This helps to reduce the amount of food eaten, the patient feels full quickly.

The stage of diversion:

  1. The doctor begins to make a path that will transport food from the duodenum directly to the small intestine.
  2. This path helps to reduce the absorption of food, and lower cholesterol and sugar.
  3. Based on these two stages, the patient is able to get rid of excess weight in a short time and take advantage of the advantages of quantization and diversion at the same time.

Advantages of the Sassi weight loss operation:

The Sassi operation ( bilateral conversion) is one of the operations that achieve many positive results, which leads many to rely on it as one of the most successful slimming surgeries, and the most prominent advantages of the operation are:

  1. Rapid weight loss.
  2. During the first year, the patient loses 70% of excess weight.
  3. Getting rid of high cholesterol in the blood.
  4. Treatment of persistent hypertension.
  5. Treatment of diabetes.
  6. Getting rid of obesity risks such as arthritis and difficulty breathing.
  7. Reduce the risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis.
  8. Get rid of the fat accumulated in the liver.
  9. It is performed by laparoscopy in a period not exceeding an hour.
  10. The speed of the patient’s recovery.

All these advantages make Sassi surgery an ideal option for many patients, but do you see whether this operation is suitable for any obese patient

Does the Sassi slimming operation suit me

  1. The process of binary ( political) division fits into several categories:
  2. Persons from 18 years to 65 years.
  3. People whose body mass index exceeds 35.
  4. Diabetics.
  5. The patient does not need to stay in the hospital for a long time and also does not take vitamins for a long time because the body already benefits from the food he eats, unlike other surgeries.

The best doctor to perform a Sassi operation:

  1. Elite Care Clinics led by Dr. Ahmed Al Nabil is one of the most important specialized clinics that provide integrated services with international medical standards and one of the best centers where you can perform Sassi surgery.
  2. The doctor relies on the latest endoscopic devices.
  3. One of the best doctors in Egypt is characterized by constant knowledge.
  4. The doctor is competent and experienced with the help of a medical team of the highest level.

You need to have such surgeries performed by a Mahe doctor and in a center that provides you with all means of care to avoid any complications, all you need to do is go to Elite care clinics to be in good hands.

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