Laparoscopic gastric balloon and capsule

The laparoscopic gastric balloon and capsule procedure is one of the non-surgical solutions that aims to lose excess weight by reducing the amount of food that the individual eats. The gastric capsule helps to feel full quickly and thus eat less food and consequently lose weight faster.

What are a laparoscopic gastric capsule and a balloon? What are the conditions for undergoing this operation? What are the advantages of this type of slimming operation? What instructions must be followed before, during, and after the operation? This is what we will learn about below with Dr. Ahmed Al-Nabil.

Laparoscopic gastric balloon and capsule:

The laparoscopic gastric balloon and capsule procedure involves placing a silicone balloon with a saline solution inside the stomach. This balloon occupies a large area of the stomach, as a result of which the obese patient feels full in less time and thus loses excess weight.

Many people resort to gastric balloon operations for weight loss because the benefits of the gastric balloon are many, the most important of which is getting rid of the risks of excessive obesity, such as:

  1. Hypertension.
  2. Heart disease.
  3. diabetes.
  4. Cholesterol.
  5. Breathing problems, especially during sleep.

Gastric balloon price

The price of a gastric balloon depends on many factors, including:

  1. Experience of the treating physician.
  2. Technologies used.
  3. The nature of the center or hospital where the gastric balloon procedure is performed.

Elite Care Center also provides a discount of up to 20% on gastric balloon and capsule

Is the gastric balloon capsule suitable for me? – Conditions for the gastric capsule process for slimming

  1. This type of obesity surgery is suitable for people with a BMI greater than 35.
  2. The patient must have a healthy stomach and not have undergone any esophageal surgery before.
  3. Follow the doctor’s advice before, during, and after the operation to avoid any complications.

Advantages of the gastric balloon procedure for weight loss:

The laparoscopic gastric balloon and capsule are one of the distinctive options for weight loss because:

  1. A simple surgery was completed in just 10 minutes.
  2. The balloon is inserted into the esophagus through the mouth using an endoscopic device.
  3. It eliminates the feeling of hunger that everyone who follows weight loss diets suffers from.
  4. The cost of this operation compared to other obesity surgeries is much lower.
  5. You can go home on the same day of the operation.
  6. Easy to insert and remove the balloon.
  7. Avoid opening the abdomen or even making incisions in it.

What are the types of gastric balloons?

There are 3 basic types of gastric balloon:


  1. One balloon holds 500 cubic ml of saline solution.
  2. The balloon stays in the stomach for 6 months.
  3. The patient loses approximately 30% of his excess weight.


  1. It is similar to the previous type, but here two balloons are used instead of one.
  2. This type is safer and the chances of puncture are less than the first type.


  1. It is a different type of gastric capsule.
  2. It is installed in the stomach through small capsules.
  3. They are filled with nitrogen gas, not brine.
  4. It is possible to install more than one capsule according to the doctor’s opinion and the patient’s condition.

Balloon( Elipse ):

  1. It is administered orally.
  2. The best choice for people who want to avoid endoscopy or anesthesia.
  3. The absorbable material decomposes within four months.

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To learn more about the types of gastric balloons, you can contact Elite Care Clinics, and the specialized medical team will respond to you to clarify the cost and nature of each type.

Gastric balloon surgery experiences at Elite Care:

The laparoscopic gastric balloon and capsule procedure has achieved excellent results with many patients. In general, the expected results of the procedure are:

  1. The patient loses 20 to 30 kilograms of excess weight within 6 months.
  2. The patient’s commitment to a diet makes him better able to maintain the results of the operation.
  3. After 6 months, the balloons are taken out again through the mouth.

The laparoscopic gastric balloon and capsule procedure at Elite Care Clinics by Dr. Ahmed Al-Nabil has helped many people lose a lot of excess weight, and the continuity of the results depends on the extent of the patient’s commitment.

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Instructions for the laparoscopic gastric balloon procedure:

There is a set of important instructions that the patient must adhere to:

Before the gastric balloon procedure:

  1. Conduct all necessary analyses.
  2. Perform an endoscopy of the digestive system to ensure its safety.
  3. Fasting before and after the operation according to the doctor’s instructions.

During laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery:

  1. The patient undergoes anesthesia and is often sedated.
  2. He also takes some sedatives to help him relax.
  3. The balloon is inserted orally.
  4. The balloon is filled.

After stomach capsule:

  1. Adhere to the doctor’s instructions regarding diet.
  2. Drink plenty of water.

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You can safely lose your excess weight through the laparoscopic gastric balloon and capsule procedure at Elite Care Clinics by Dr. Ahmed Al-Nabil, Professor of Surgery from Ain Shams University, Consultant in Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery, Consultant in Obesity and Laparoscopic Surgery.


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