Prosthodontics & periodontal treatment

The specialty of prosthetics is one of the most important specialties in the world of Dentistry. Both fixed and mobile prostheses are used to replace lost teeth. at elite care clinics, we rely on the best types of dental prostheses manufactured in the best laboratories according to the highest quality standards and installed by a group of the best dentists in Egypt.

Formulations in Elite Care clinics:

  1. Elite care clinics include a dental clinic equipped with the latest devices in the world of Dentistry.
  2. At Elite Care, we strive to provide the best integrated medical service with international standards at the hands of a group of the most qualified doctors.
  3. We pay special attention to the dental clinic to offer various specialties, including fixed and movable prostheses of various types.
  4. We offer various types of prostheses to replace lost teeth with artificial ones that are completely similar to natural teeth.

As for the services provided by the Elite Care Dental Clinic, they are as follows:

  1. Fixed prosthodontics 
  2. Removable prosthodontics
  3. Veneers ceramic veneers
  4. Dental bridges
  5. Dental crowns.
  6. Hollywood smile snaps on
  7. Dentures dentures

Dental prosthesis:

Prostheses have as their main task the replacement of missing natural teeth with artificial ones in order to perform their function with the same efficiency and maintain the aesthetic shape of the mouth.

Without fixed fixtures, the patient suffers from:

  1. Indigestion due to inability to chew food well.
  2. The patient may have jaw-locking disorders.
  3. The teeth are deformed due to the presence of a void between them.

Reasons for the need for dental prostheses:

  1. Compensate for a missing tooth.
  2. Cover the filler to prevent its occurrence.
  3. Cover the broken teeth.
  4. Cover the deformed teeth.

Types of dental prostheses:

As long as we talk about formulations and gum treatment, there are many types of formulations:

Fixed prosthodontics 

  1. Namely, they can only be removed by a doctor:
  2. The doctor cools the tooth to install the crown over the cooled tooth.
  3. It is possible that the composition will be porcelain or metal.
  4. Metal is preferably mounted on the back teeth and porcelain on the front.

Removable prosthodontics:

  1. Movable fittings that can be easily taken off and installed by the patient.
  2. They are made of different materials such as acrylic to be the same shape and color as natural teeth.

Veneers ceramic 

  1. They are the most expensive among dental prostheses.
  2. It is a thin layer that is attached to the front teeth.
  3. It aims to improve the shape of teeth if they have a deformity or a different color.

Dental bridges:

  1. They are the alternative solution to dental implants because they are less expensive.
  2. It is installed to replace a missing tooth in the middle of two not missing.
  3. The bridge is installed to replace the missing tooth by resting on the tooth located on the right and left.

Dental crowns:

A dental cowl is a cover for a tooth that is relied on in cases of:

  1. Caries.
  2. After the nerve filling.
  3. Weaken the teeth to protect them from corrosion.
  4. The desire to harmonize the shape of the teeth and compensate for fractures.

Dental floss is one of the services Elite Care provides to its customers to protect teeth, we rely on the finest materials such as:

  1. Porcelain.
  2. Zirconia.
  3. Lithium disilicate.

To ensure a natural appearance with the same color as the original teeth.

Hollywood smile snaps on:

The animated Hollywood smile is one of the most popular and fastest types of animated installations, which is why it is called snap, the Hollywood smile is characterized by being:

  1. Fast execution and installation.
  2. Low cost compared to veneers, implants, or even stationary installations.

You can install an animated Hollywood smile at elite care clinics in just two visits:

  1. The first is to take jaw measurements.
  2. The second is for the smile combination.


Dentures are an effective alternative in case of loss of a large number of teeth or all teeth, especially with age or diabetes, elite care clinics offer two types of dentures:

  1. Total denture: this type includes the entire jaw.
  2. Partial denture: to replace the missing teeth with a bridge of replacement teeth attached to a plastic base.

Don’t get confused too much, get rid of toothache, and get an attractive smile by choosing any of the fixed or mobile prosthetics solutions at the Elite Care Dental Clinic.


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