Dental implant

At elite care clinics, you can perform dental implants to replace missing teeth, get a great smile, and replace missing teeth with artificial ones that perform the same task and with the same efficiency.

Dental Implants in Elite Care Clinics:

Dental Implants Are the most optimal option for replacing missing teeth, they, unlike dental prostheses, do not rely on cold or the installation of a fixed bridge between the teeth.

  1. The dentition is compensated without affecting the adjacent teeth.
  2. The patient manages to chew food well.
  3. Get a natural attractive smile.
  4. Preservation of teeth from deformation as a result of tooth loss.

Elite Care provides both types of dental implant service:

  1. single implant
  2. Multiple implants 

First single implant:

  1. During which one root is implanted in the place of the missing tooth and the operation does not involve serious surgical procedures.
  2. A simple incision is made expanding the hole necessary to place the metal screw in place of the original root using a laser.
  3. Laser dependence helps to quickly heal the wound. a.

The doctor completes the stages of transplantation and if the patient wants to get it done quickly, he can choose immediate transplantation.

Secondly, more than multiple implants:

  1. During which more than one islet of more than one tooth is implanted during one session to replace a set of missing teeth.
  2. Metal poles that are planted to compensate for lost roots support the stability of implants
  3. The stages of implantation of the tooth are successive, and performing more than one implant in one session saves time
  4. The success rate of transplanting more than one transplant reaches 95%

Stages of cultivation in elite care:

The stage of preparation of the jaw bones for the installation of the implant.

At Elite Care Dental Clinic, we rely on the latest types of implants to implant safe teeth without any complications.

Installing a crown of the same size and color as natural teeth:

We rely on the best types of porcelain crowns for a completely natural look.

Dental implants have become easier than before thanks to three-dimensional radiographs that show the doctor the dimensions of the jaw and The Shape of the bones, and at elite care clinics, we provide immediate implantation service based on the Cerec System, which is the latest implantation technology in the world.


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