Endoscopic gastric balloon

The Stomach Balloon: A Non-Surgical Solution for Weight Loss

The stomach balloon is a non-surgical solution aimed at losing excess weight by reducing the amount of food an individual consumes. It helps to feel full quickly, thus eating less food and consequently losing weight faster.

What is the endoscopic stomach balloon? What are the conditions for undergoing it? What are the advantages of this weight loss method? What instructions should be followed? This is what we will learn about below with Dr. Ahmed Al-Nabeel.

Endoscopic Stomach Balloon:

The endoscopic stomach balloon involves placing a silicone balloon via an oral endoscope in just ten minutes. It is then filled with a saline solution, occupying a large space in the stomach. As a result, the patient with severe obesity feels full more quickly, leading to weight loss.

Many people opt for the stomach balloon for weight loss due to its numerous benefits, primarily to eliminate the risks of severe obesity, such as:

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Heart diseases
  3. Diabetes
  4. High cholesterol
  5. Breathing problems, especially during sleep

The Cost of the Stomach Balloon

  1. The cost of the stomach balloon depends on several factors, including:
  2. The experience of the treating physician
  3. The type and duration of the balloon used
  4. The endoscopic technique employed
  5. The level of hospital sterilization to avoid the transmission of infectious diseases
  6. The provision of a follow-up program during the balloon’s duration

Currently, at Ahmed Al-Nabil Clinics – Elite Care, you can get the best types for less than 500 USD.

Is the Stomach Balloon Suitable for Me? – Conditions for Stomach Balloon Weight Loss

  • This type of obesity treatment is suitable for individuals with lower weights and body mass index (BMI).
  • The patient must have a healthy stomach and should not have undergone any previous stomach surgeries.
  • The patient should follow the doctor’s advice before and after the procedure to avoid any complications and achieve optimal results.

Advantages of the Stomach Balloon for Weight Loss:

The endoscopic stomach balloon is a notable option for weight loss because:

  1. It is a quick and simple procedure, taking only 10 minutes.
  2. The balloon is inserted into the stomach through the mouth using an endoscopic device.
  3. No hospitalization is required, and you can leave within an hour after ensuring your well-being.
  4. You can resume your normal life and return to work immediately.
  5. It eliminates the feeling of hunger that all dieters suffer from.
  6. The cost of this method is significantly lower compared to other bariatric surgeries.
  7. It avoids opening the abdomen or making any incisions.

What Are the Types of Stomach Balloons?

  • There are several types of stomach balloons, differing by country of manufacture or the balloon’s duration. The most popular types used at Ahmed Al-Nabil Clinics – Elite Care include Russian, French, and American balloons to meet the preferences of all individuals.
  • The Russian balloon is known for its affordable prices. Some people are wary of Russian balloons due to the emergence of several poor-quality types in the Egyptian market. However, at Ahmed Al-Nabil Clinics – Elite Care, the quality of the balloon used is ensured to provide outstanding service.

Learn more about The price of the stomach balloon for weight loss in Egypt.

To learn more about the types of stomach balloons, you can contact Ahmed Al-Nabil Clinics – Elite Care, and the specialized medical team will respond to clarify the cost and nature of each type.

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