What are laparoscopic surgeries and their benefits?

Laparoscopic surgery is the surgery that is carried out through small incisions in the abdomen, and it is considered the development and modern alternative to the traditional laparotomy that requires large abdominal wounds. There are two types of laparoscopic surgeries: Basic laparoscopic surgery, which includes simple operations such as uncomplicated removal of the gallbladder or appendix, and diagnostic laparoscopy, which is practiced by general surgeons through basic training. The second type is advanced laparoscopic surgeries, which include gastrointestinal surgeries such as obesity surgeries and colon surgeries, in addition to cases of gallbladder and appendix removal with complications. It is only practiced by a few surgeons. Laparoscopic surgery is characterized by making small incisions, which leads to a faster recovery, with less pain after the operation, a quick return to the usual daily activity, and fewer wound complications such as incisional hernias, inflammation and explosion of abdominal wounds compared to the traditional laparotomy surgery. And now laparoscopic surgery is practiced by general surgeons, and therefore we may find a large segment of surgeons who did not have sufficient training in laparoscopic surgery, especially advanced ones, and therefore works to spread misconceptions that the results of laparoscopic surgery are less than the results of traditional surgery, especially in the field of tumor removal. The digestive system, and unfortunately we find this belief prevalent among non-specialized doctors who do not practice other than traditional surgery and advise them to their patients as a result of inexperience with advanced laparoscopic surgery, but the opposite is absolutely true that the results of endoscopic surgery in the hands of specialists are much higher than traditional surgery, especially eradication Gastrointestinal tumors, due to the clarity and enlargement of the surgical field compared to traditional surgery, with fewer complications, faster recovery and faster chemotherapy than traditional surgery patients. And with the continuous development in medicine and surgery, it is now possible to perform all abdominal surgeries, which include surgeries of the abdominal wall, digestive system, glands, urinary tract and women by laparoscopic surgery, whether to remove tumors or treat dysfunction, but it is now possible to perform them from one wound Just replace several small cuts.