Laparoscopic failure repair

The field of obesity or localized obesity surgeries is characterized by continuous development and the emergence of new operations and their replacement by old ones when their ineffectiveness was proven by medical studies. In the eighties, the process of stapling the stomach appeared, then it was replaced by the process of the stomach belt or ring, then the process of folding and ruffles the stomach appeared, and lately the process of sleeve gastrectomy . The futility and effectiveness of the previous operations (stapling / gastric band / stomach fold) in reducing the required weight or gaining weight again, especially in weights and high body mass, which requires another operation to obtain the required results, and gastric bypass operations are the gold standard in replays. Laparoscopic restoration operations are considered among the advanced operations that require high skill to deal with adhesions of previous operations, especially operations of stapling and gastric banding, and most centers perform them through regular surgery, and we are, praise be to God, at the Dr. Ahmed Al-Nabil Center. All operations are performed laparoscopically without opening the abdomen. Causes of failure and weight gain after gastric sleeve gastrectomy. Gastric sleeve has spread due to the ease of performing it compared to gastric bypass operations, but unfortunately it is now performed by untrained and specialized surgeons, due to the absence of medical supervision and the lack of controls for work, which led to the failure of many sleeve gastrectomy operations because they were not performed from the beginning. According to the required standards, and the reasons for the failure of sleeve gastrectomy in a large proportion of people is the failure to remove the entire stomach fundus and the failure to repair the hiatal hernia, which leads to leaving part of the stomach to expand again and lead to weight gain, and the last reason is not to change the diet and eat sugars greedily. Gastric bypass operations are the best treatment for correcting the failure of the sleeve gastrectomy, and it is considered better than the re-sleeve