Learn about the types of weight loss operations through this video

Obesity surgeries are used by obese patients whose weight exceeds 100 kilograms. And they want to lose excess weight in short periods of time, Especially since the traditional methods of slimming do not achieve any results with them. Obesity surgery generally depends on reducing the size of the stomach, Reducing the amount of food eaten by obese patients, And his feeling of fullness for long periods, which helps him lose large amounts of weight, The choice of the type of surgery depends on the nature of the case. the amount of extra weight you want to lose, Patients who eat large amounts of food are suitable for gastric sleeves. And sugar addicts and patients with type 2 diabetes are suitable for gastric bypass, As for the gastric balloon, it is suitable for obese patients who want to lose 10-30 kilos of their weight within 6 months.